Saturday, October 20, 2012

Bureaucracy comes from hell.

The Sultan rocks.

Large operations tend toward greater degrees of inefficiency due to the diffusion of responsibility and accountability. Large systems respond to inefficiency by creating more redundant structures which only increase the inefficiency.

Bureaucracies cope with all problems by adding new layers of paperwork without recognizing that paperwork is itself the problem. The world outside comes to be modeled through paper so that rather than interacting with problems, the system interacts with a paperwork model of the real world that is detached from the real world and requires ever increasing resource of paperwork handlers to maintain.
 The problems become institutionalized and unsolvable because the institutionalization of a problem creates a bureaucratic mandate for the survival of the institutions dedicated to solving the problem and the institutions dedicated to solving the problem seek to survive by not solving the problem.
(This is, incidentally, why we will never see an end to poverty, aboriginal issues, drug abuse, or any garden-variety disease for which we need perpetual 'awareness' campaigns.)

It's hard enough to endure this with everything that is touched by the government, but a thousand times more horrifying when one sees the church at various levels sink deeper into this mire. A certain Cardinal (I think his name was Ratzinger) said it best about 30 years ago: "The Church needs saints, not bureaucrats."

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