Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Very sad news

Update: Barbara passed away this afternoon. May she rest in peace, and may God grant comfort to her grieving husband Tripp and twelve children. 

One of my favourite Catholic Mom-bloggers, Barbara Curtis from Mommy Life, has suffered a massive stroke and is not expected to survive. I pray the doctors are wrong. Updates here at Elizabeth Foss's blog. Pray, and donate to help her family if you can.

h/t Pundette


  1. What a wonderful legacy this woman has left behind her - twelve children! She has certainly done God's will and given us an example of living her married life as it should be lived..if I can be so bold as to see that in her - did not know her, of course.

    Makes me ashamed in many ways for not living my life as it appears she did - with courage and faith. We're all going to die, sooner or later. Who will be wearing the wedding garment? Time for reflection.

  2. Time for reflection indeed. Nine days ago (so she wrote on her blog) she was at a journalism workshop and "excited about the future"; eight days later the Lord called her home. What would I do if I only had 8 more days to live?

    Barbara's life and love were extraordinary; she and her husband adopted three children with Down Syndrome. I encourage you to go to Barbara's blog and read the archives. Much inspiration.

    Read a Washington Post story about the family here: