Thursday, October 11, 2012

David Letterman: prophet or Freudian slipper?

His first question to Obama the evening after the terrorist attack in Benghazi:

"How much do you weigh these days?"

Apparently, not much.


With middle class incomes deflating, four Americans recently assassinated by al-Qaeda, poverty and gas prices increasing, and the debt already saddling our children and grandchildren with mortgage-sized debt, Americans aren’t likely to be any more enamored than the media with Obama's non-stop "smallness."

SUN's Ezra weighs in (sorry) too. 

The debates revealed Obama as a lightweight. But they also revealed that for four years, the mainstream media has covered up that fact.

Well, maybe not all the media. This photographer seems to have caught the gist.

Bad optics? He looks tiny even in relation to the prompters-- 
which is another unfortunate metaphor all on its own.

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