Saturday, October 20, 2012

Little Dorrit would approve

"Him, with the cake!" Best line from the BBC's Little Dorrit. That and the button thing. You just don't know how many subtexts are in a work until you watch it with two of your (five) clever sisters.

However, this post is not about Dickens, but cake. We have four, count them, FOUR birthdays (and one wedding anniversary) in the Pinkerton household this month. If you can imagine, two of my daughters were born on my husband's birthday. That has made for some interesting dynamics over the years. To say nothing of many, many photos of Mr. P posing happily behind cakes adorned with pink frosting, and occasionally ballerinas. He is much to be commended, not only for surviving life with 8 women, but for sharing his birthday with two of them.

And so, in honour of husbands, birthdays and cake, something on which to feast your eyes. I made none of these.

Too lovely to frost! Nordic Ware's "Bavaria" bundt pan.

So elegant! Nordic Ware's "Heritage" Bundt Pan
Image from

So cute!

Altogether too cute: 
castle bundt cake with brown sugar for sand...

Yes! This too is a bundt cake, not a Gigerbead Hows (TM)

Most images courtesy of Nordic Ware. Made in America.

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