Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I heart Rebecca Taylor

Because she is smart and funny. And because she speaks the truth about the human condition. (Disclosure: my crop-researcher hubby has done some work with GMOs, so I take the hysteria --rampant even in Catholic circles-- with a grain of salt.)
As a former California girl, I am aware that my state of origin is full of contradictions like women who are on the Pill eating nothing but organically grown produce.
Californians are not the only one who seem conflicted about genetic engineering. There are many people who would support cloning for stem cells but would not eat meat from a cow cloned with the same technique. I have always said that if I was forced to choose between implanting myself with stem cells from my dead embryonic clone or drinking milk from a cloned cow, I would ask, "Do you have any Oreos?"

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