Friday, May 10, 2013

Friday Files: Unnamed Town's Excellent Adventures, Part 28

Our local paper doesn't have a funnies section. It doesn't need one, not when you have the Police Report. (Note to our American readers RCMP= Royal Canadian Mounted Police.) Yes, the Mounties, the guys who "always get their man" ...but not always the car or the dog, as the case may be.)

Also note: the names of the towns blocked out are not one town, but three, and none of them are the town where I live. Just so you know.  Corner Gas is funny because it's true.

 Um...that is because it SPED AWAY.

 Now if only we could get rowdy townsfolk to act like dogs!

Oh, scratch that. 
Maybe stupidity was a factor too. 

As I was saying...

Mrs. Beazly, I'll start writing my book if you start writing yours. On your mark, get set... GO!

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