Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I think I know what the initials stand for in UPS

Unbelievably Pathetic Service (or Uber Pokey & Stupid). Miss P. #6 ordered an iPod from Apple on May 2. It was shipped from the factory on that day, and as you can see from the Tracking Information below, it travelled thousands and thousands of kilometers, through three countries and ELEVEN (count them, ELEVEN) shipping centres until it hit Saskatoon. This took a total of 6 days. It arrived in Saskatoon Wednesday morning of last week; it should have been in our possession Wednesday afternoon of last week. Saskatoon is two hours away from us. Two hours, 200 km. It has been stuck in Saskatoon for 6 days. Either that, or a UPS employee is enjoying a brand new iPod touch. Given human nature and post-modern morality, I wonder which is more likely.

Saskatoon, SK, Canada05/09/20139:22The scheduled connection was missed / Delivery rescheduled
Saskatoon, SK, Canada05/08/201318:11The package was missed at the UPS facility, UPS will deliver on the next business day.
05/08/20139:03Destination Scan
05/08/20133:12Arrival Scan
Winnipeg, MB, Canada05/07/201318:30Departure Scan
05/07/20131:13The scheduled connection was missed
05/07/20130:45Arrival Scan
Richmond, BC, Canada05/06/201320:10Departure Scan
05/06/20137:07Import Scan
05/06/20132:55Arrival Scan
Portland, OR, United States05/05/201318:21Departure Scan
Bellingham, WA, United States05/05/201317:00Departure Scan
Portland, OR, United States05/04/201323:07Arrival Scan
Rockford, IL, United States05/04/201321:39Departure Scan
Ontario, CA, United States05/04/20135:04Departure Scan
Ontario, CA, United States05/03/201321:22Arrival Scan
Anchorage, AK, United States05/03/201315:29Departure Scan
05/03/201313:46Arrival Scan
Shanghai, China05/03/201321:15Departure Scan
Shanghai, China05/02/201321:23Export Scan
05/02/201313:30Arrival Scan
Suzhou, China05/02/201312:19Departure Scan
05/02/201311:39Origin Scan
China05/02/201321:50Order Processed: Ready for UPS

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