Friday, May 31, 2013

Jillian Michaels, look out


Since we are on the subject of fitness and exercise, check out this super-awesome video, which I never would have heard of, if not for PWPL's Andrea, who posted this on Facebook (thanks in advance for the nightmares which I'm sure to have after watching this). I laughed out loud several times, and yes, gol-darn it, I watched the whole five minutes, because I just had to know what she was going to do next, in terms up taking Prancercise (R) up another notch--or gallop, as the case may be. Even more disturbing, there are MORE VIDEOS online, but I think I'm going to pass. (Update: broke down and checked out the other two videos on YouTube; they are the same as this one--go figure.)

The bouffant hair and jewellry are also really strange. If she's going for a retro look, it was a fail. Vacuuming and cooking pot roast in pearls and heels--yes; aerobics in this outfit... just no. And the skin-tight white leggings that leave nothing to the imagination? A thousand times NO.

"Comments are disabled" --Gee, I wonder why.

Oh my. The fun goes on. I went to her website.

I had to, because Mr. P was convinced that this was a comedy sketch (indeed, that was my first reaction too). But she's for real. The philosophy is kinda funny:
Prancercise® is defined as: A springy, rhythmic way of moving forward,similar to a horse’s gait and ideally induced by elation. 
Induced by elation? So... I have to be happy, nay (or is that 'neigh') elated BEFORE I can Prancercise? Good luck with that! Actually, I find that exercise is often what produces the happy feelings--you know, endorphins, adrenaline, so forth. This program seems to be (cough) putting the cart before the horse. Unless we are just dealing with wonky syntax, which could very well be. Poor grammar* I can believe (it's an epidemic: those who can exercise, those who can't critique) but I am totally not getting the "horse" thing.
"I personally eat a diet mostly of raw vegetables and fruits, with some cooked beans, some whole grain bread on occasion and currently small amounts of salmon. . . though I realize this is not a horse’s diet with the fish...
[...] Adding a squeeze of pure lemon or lime juice to the water is very cleansing for the body if this citrus water in small quantities is drank* during and after a meal it’s very cleansing for your teeth and mouth as well as the liver. . .
 Eating a diet that is anti-inflammatory to the body, especially one that’s low in sodium and comprised of eating essential fatty acids…natural whole and especially raw fruits and vegetables,is not unlike a horse’s! After all, they are given linseed oil(flax seed oil) and eat a lot of hay, made from wheat alfalfa, barley and soybeans. They eat various other vegetables and fruits and fibrous food like wheat bran is added to their diets.I personally strive to feel light I want to spring off the ground like an antelope! 
She also invokes monkeys, but in a derogatory way. She doesn't like exercising indoors, which she describes as a "confined, unnatural, germ laden environment" (perhaps she is not aware that you can find e. coli, cryptosporidium and numerous other bacteria outdoors). 

Oh well, I won't be too harsh. She's trying to do something good in the world. A portion of her membership fee goes to groups that fight "violence, cruelty and hate."  Good luck with that too. Or should I say, "Giddy up"?

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