Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Lovely vintage dinnerware

Oh, these would look so lovely in my future new plate rack in my future newly renovated country/eclectic/industrial/rustic kitchen. W.S. George vintage plates, made in the U.S.A. (Image is copyrighted, so I can't paste it here.) I realize there's not much chance, however, of finding such a large set locally (heaven knows I wouldn't trust UPS to get them here).

Therefore, I'm leaning towards "thrifting" --still can't get used to 'thrift' as a verb--  a bunch of mismatched vintage plates made in North America and England, rather than buying a newer (matching) set made in China. Mismatched plates can actually look quite pretty with the right table setting. I didn't do a lot of online browsing to verify this, but it seems mismatched table settings are quite the thing for wedding banquets nowadays.

And I am part way there, since I have miscellaneous pieces from several sets already--some purchased,  others gifted (another neo-verb) or inherited. Who knew I was so fashionable? 

 "Rose Royale" Wood and Sons, England

Gravy boat and saucer: Rideau Pottery, Canada 

"Fragrant Rose" Cream Petal; Grindley, England

Bristol, England
I am exceedingly fond of platters, and probably own more than I need. 

Violets: so pretty! 

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