Thursday, May 30, 2013

Shred Day 4, which almost didn't happen

I had too little sleep last night and got up too early this morning, so I took a nap this afternoon. When I woke up, I felt horrible--as in, 'I think I'm getting stomach flu' horrible. But the feeling eventually went away and I was able to cook (and eat) dinner, and do a whack of dishes afterwards (I baked bread today, so... PANS, BOWLS, RACKS, MIXER ACCESSORIES. The cleanup is the only downside of baking).

Miss P #4 and I did our Shred workout a little earlier in the evening and it went well. I was able to make it through all the cardio circuits WITHOUT STOPPING. Woohoo! In some of the strength moves/exercises, I was able to do the advanced versions (deeper lunges, etc.)  And flexibility keeps improving. I feel good about how rapidly things are improving, so if you are afraid to exercise because you think it will be too hard for too long, take heart; it won't.

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