Monday, May 7, 2012

How cool is this?

My "Dangerous Housewives"article on MercatorNet got picked up by LifeSite News! That's a first for me. Thanks, John-Henry, if you made the decision. The article has also been on the "Most Viewed" list at Merc, garnering a bunch of "Likes".

Sometimes you totally need a pick-me-up, especially on a Monday when the usual avalanche of stuff looms...


  1. Oh my gosh! You're Mariette Ulrich? Or is that a fake name, too.....?
    I did think Mrs. Beazly and Mrs. Pinkerton were too perfect to be true, but I wasn't entirely sure.
    Wonderful article, by the way. My hubbie sent it to me from LifeSite.

  2. My name could only be considered 'fake' if you are an angry feminist sort of womyn who abhors the oppressive and patriarchal practice of taking one's surname from one's "husband." Mrs. Beazly and Mrs. P are names chosen just for fun, just for this blog (though I tend to show up as Mrs. P on various other blogs in the combox just because it's my Google ID). Neither of us is perfect, alas, but I do think Mrs. B is quite a bit more perfect than I. I'm glad you liked the article though. Thanks!