Friday, May 25, 2012

Today is the first day of the rest of your May 2012.

Let us celebrate with a little poetry in honor of my soon-to-be demolished kitchen (and some of its utensils). I call it With apologies to Margaret Wise Brown.

Goodbye, Room.

Goodbye, spoon.

Goodbye, flowerpot that holds the spoon.

Goodbye, light

and three doors of doom.

Goodbye, duct tape

Goodbye, hip scrape.

Goodbye, doorbell

and cabinets from hell.

Goodbye, last night's supper smell.

Goodbye, rust

And goodbye dust

Goodbye, small drawer

and goodbye, floor, 
with cigarette burns I abhor.

Goodbye, blown fuse,

sink I can't use,

and holes left by some absent screws.

Goodbye, lead paint

and knobs so quaint

Goodbye to the lady with kitchen complaint.

Goodbye, wall.

And...whatever's up there.

Goodbye, ugly everywhere!

(Yes, Giant Mechano-Earwig, your days are numbered.)



  1. Ha Ha, Mrs. Beazly that is great!! Thanks for posting that! I can hardly wait to see your new kitchen.

  2. Brilliant. M. Wise Brown would be proud.