Monday, May 28, 2012

Mrs. B, this may have been meant for us

Since we are both in the throes (or at least the pre-throes) of a total kitchen remodel: The Biggest Kitchen Design Mistakes.

I had a chuckle at #6: Too Much Storage. I was recently in a newly-renovated kitchen (very high end, big wow-factor) and the owner enthused, "You wouldn't believe how many empty cupboards I have!" Almost as though it might be impressive (instead of completely foolish) to have spent $10K more on cabinets than was necessary.

Then there's this link: Easy Ways to Make Your Kitchen New Again. Items 2-8 are good ideas, but not Number 1:

"Put table lamps on your island or dining table"


a) a common problem in kitchens is having too much empty countertop space

b) there just aren't enough things in the kitchen/dining area that kids can knock over and break

c) nothing enhances your dining experience like (or looks classier than) an electrical cord trailing across the table.


  1. d)And nothing is more fun to clean grease, dust and splashes of spaghetti sauce off of than a lampshade.

  2. Indeed! I have enough trouble getting spaghetti sauce off a white stippled ceiling. (I kid you not). Have I ever mentioned that I hate stippled ceilings?