Thursday, May 17, 2012


Because sometimes you just need a break from contemplating the implosion of western civilization. Oh wait, never mind...

I found out about Ethel Smith whilst searching for an old tune titled "Just a Prayer Away". (The girls will be singing it at a seniors' home this Friday night.) Ethel accompanied Bing on this 1944 recording. I dunno, but I think maybe Ethel should have hung it up by the 60s. Just because. But you can't deny what one commenter on this video enthuses: "The girl can really rock an organ!"

The album cover alone makes it eligible for inclusion on The List. 


  1. This is so weird. But it put a smile on my face nonetheless.

    Wish you lived nearby. We would have a lot of laughs and take turns ranting, I am sure.

  2. I hope you will let the DOHs take you to lunch next time I am in Ottawa (whither I try to come on a roughly annual basis)...