Thursday, May 10, 2012

Wondering what to buy Mom for Mother's Day?

I speak in general terms, of course. This post is not pointedly for my children. Yahoo Shine: Half of moms don't like what they get for Mother's Day. (I'd say they are still ahead of the 18% of moms whose families FORGOT Mother's Day entirely.)

What constitutes a 'bad' gift? There is no correct answer to that question. Even a bra in a frying pan conceivably has its place (it would make a great gag gift if your mom was a 70s-era feminist). Moreover, one mom's junk is another mom's treasure, so ultimately, even sites like the one in the photo above  have no real meaning.

Hint: in order to get that perfect Mother's Day gift, don't rely on the advice of strangers! (ie. websites or articles on Yahoo). Instead, make an effort to get to know your mom--her likes and dislikes. I know. It's easier just to go the chocolate/flowers/brunch route. At which I for one would never turn up my nose...

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