Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Pro-abort fembots in dire need of irony supplements

As Andrea at PWPL has pointed out, this Star column on the youth prolife movement in Canada is actually quite balanced (hell freezing over?). But this funny quotation caught my eye. It comes from a disgruntled fembot:
“There used to be the perception that people outside the abortion clinics didn’t have any working uteruses, because they were too old, or men,” she said. “That’s still to some extent true, but definitely there is a huge surge in young people being active in the anti-choice movement.”

I have some questions for her fembot logic (yes, it's an oxymoron; let it go): So you can't have an opinion on abortion unless you have a "working uterus"? Does the anti-life movement kick women out when they reach menopause? Does the movement exclude men? Further extending the logic, do you have to be a person of colour to be against racism? Do you have to be a woman to be a feminist? Do you have to be a child to oppose child porn? Do you have to be an animal to join the SPCA? Do you have to be a vegetable to promote veganism (don't answer that)?

Working uteruses? Um, I hate to be the one to point this out, but if you are on the pill, your uterus doesn't work. If you are using an IUD, your uterus doesn't work. If you are on any injectible long-term slow-release hormonal contraception, your uterus doesn't work. If you are menopausal, your uterus doesn't work. If you have had serious scarring, perforation, damage from contraception or abortion, your uterus very likely doesn't work. If you have had a hysterectomy, your... oh wait, never mind.

Heck, I like this criteria! If only "young" women (of childbearing age), with healthy, functioning uteri are allowed to have an opinion on abortion... our side wins. 

And there's more. Oh my, this lady should really take a crack at stand-up comedy: she continues, saying that the pro-life youth surge is due to "the “big advantage” the pro-life movement has. In many cases it is tied to religious institutions like schools and churches, making it easier to find recruits, she said."

In fact, you can find lots of anti-life sentiment in Canada's schools and (selected) churches. Morever, I can tell you from looooooong experience that most church-folk in this country (even Catholics) are mind-numbingly apathetic when it comes to abortion. So that's not it.

There is a youth surge for pro-life because prolifers HAVE CHILDREN (sometimes, lots of them!) and teach them to value life. Sorry, that's the way things work, ladies. Too bad, so sad. I remember some time back, a waggish feminist columnist wrote a piece called "Omigod, I forgot to have children!"

Yes, ma'm, yes you did.

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