Friday, May 25, 2012

Knock me over with an IUD!

Mainstream U.S. media NOT covering huge national story of huge Catholic lawsuit against the Obama administration! It only makes you look (even more) like fools, people. This lawsuit is Not. Going. Away. I wonder if the CBC is NOT covering it too (I don't watch the CBC...)

Funny how the MSM is there with cameras, boom mikes and a thousand reporters if a pedophile priest farts, but when 40 dioceses file suit against the U.S. gubmint over its attack on religious freedom, suddenly it's "nothing to see here, folks." Come to think of it, the MSM won't report that the HHS mandate IS an attack on religious freedom, so go figure.


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  1. Happy to report that our priest, at least, reported on this as the main focus of the homily today (and melded it in very well with both Pentecost and Memorial Day; I <3 our priest). States, too, are beginning to pass laws prohibiting religious freedom. And apparently the bishop of Chicago is threatening to close down all Catholic hospitals and schools if the government does not change the HHS mandate.