Thursday, May 3, 2012


Don't look now, but HuffPo lefty Michael Scarfo discovers there are conservatives in Canada! He talks about attending a Mark Steyn presentation, where he found proof, PROOF, I tell you! One would assume he's talking about April 24's Steynamite, but no. Scarfo is just now getting round to disussing Mark's Cdn appearance from LAST year, for crying out loud. (Buddy, if you're going to try and keep up with Steyn and conservatism in Canada, you'll have to do better than that).

Predictably, he accuses Mr. Steyn of "inciting hatred" and even goes further:
With manipulative orators like Mark Steyn, things unsaid with a well-timed verbal ellipsis can be almost as effective as an overt statement...
Why, if I didn't know any better, I'd say those "things unsaid" that Mark Steyn didn't actually say, would be likely, nay, very likely to possibly offend someone in the future! This constitutes PRE-CRIME! Get out Section 13 and arrest that man! Steyn that is. Oy vay, wait for Scarfo's conslusion:
But Canadians need to take our share of the responsibility for the continued evolution of our collective North American culture. Until we do that, we will keep missing out on opportunities to engage in serious public discourse on pressing social issues...
Gee, Mr. Scarfo, guess WHY we keep "missing opportunities" for discourse? Thanks to political correctness, the MSM, the HRCs, the MONO-culture of UNIversity, left-lib groupthink and so on and so forth, Canadians don't really actually enjoy "free speech." And maybe we should not enjoy free thoughts either, because after all, incorrect thoughts can lead to... things unsaid.

Now please go take your irony supplement.


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