Wednesday, May 2, 2012

My goodness, he has a way with words

I can feel a journalism-crush coming on for Michael Walsh. Here he dissects Obama's lame campaign slogan "Forward" by pointing out that if anything, the Big 0 is hopelessly stuck somewhere else. (Crush-inducing sentence in red.)

But most students of Obama’s vintage have long since moved on, putting away childish things, as First Corinthians advises. Not Obama. He’s a dandy in aspic, forever suspended in the gelatinous world-view of the angry Baby Boomers who run him. He was their dream candidate come to life, molded and formed in the image and likeness of the “revolutionary” Sixties, his very lack of accomplishment and experience a feature, not a bug. He could be anything they wanted him to be. Unfortunately for him, what they wanted him to be was Abbie Hoffman in a well-tailored suit. It never occurred to them that Abbie would not have made a very good president. Just a destructive one —
h/t Pundette

Update: American Spectator's Jeffrey Lord weighs in on the campaign slogan. He points out that some sorta left-leaning Chinese guys and some extremely right-leaning German dudes used it first.

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