Thursday, November 8, 2012

A small snippet of wisdom

from St. Peter Julian Eymard:

Love shows us what we have to do. It takes us out of ourselves, makes us emulate the virtues of our Lord, and withdraws us from this world into Him. The reason why so many Christians get no farther than the threshold of virtue is that they will not break the chains that hold them back and will not give themselves up confidently to our Lord's guidance. 

Thanks, EWTN, for providing the daily Mass readings and the daily quotations from the saints.


  1. Thank you for this. We're supposed to love without counting the "cost." I wonder what that cost is. What could it be? Our own comfort. Our own rest. Our own desires. Our own supposed needs.

    I wonder what would happen to me today if I tried to put ME aside and sought the needs, wants, desires, comforts of husband/neighbour?

    Probably nothing. But it's the fear that the cost would be high that stops me. Interesting.


  2. Thank you for that wise observation, Barbara. I think you've nailed it. We fear that the cost will be high, even though he's told us that his burden is "light". Perfect love casts out fear (1John 4:18). We need to pray for the grace to believe in our bones that the Lord's promises are all TRUE. (We profess their truth, but have a much harder time living it.)