Saturday, November 10, 2012

Don't even doubt! And yet, I do.

This is why the Lord invented spam filters, and praise Him for it. These showed up in my email spam recently.  I imagine the links they provided had some graphic and revealing pictures from the "very nice family agency."

Hi there sweet...

Would you mind to finding a young and nice girl of 20?

My name's Katya. I am from Ukraine.
Have you ever heard that the loveliest girls in the world live in my country? Don't even doubt!
I want to invite you to a very nice international family life agency where hundreds of single people are looking for their future lovers.
I long for finding a special person for serious relations or even family life.
Aren't you the one I am searching for?

Click here  (NOT) 

Here's the second one:

Hello dear DumbOldHousewife, do you remember how we communicated with you?Long ago you could not see, I am Sveta - with Russia, do you remember me?
Come to my page (NOT) - let's talk, I'm waiting!

For the record, I already have a young and nice girl of 20 among my daughters. The only thing I long for finding is an end to pornspam.


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