Thursday, November 29, 2012

Oh yessssss

Foyle's War  is back on TV! I'm watching Season 1, Episode 1 at this moment. But this is funny. During the fundraiding (Freudian typo)... I mean fundraising break, the host appealed to PBS's Canadian viewers. He said that PBS is enjoyed all over Canada (which is true), even as far as Nanavuk! Which is false (because it doesn't exist). Hint: I know that some Canadian place names can be tricky to pronounce, but if you want people to give you money, you need to try. :)

Nunavut (NOO-na-voot)


  1. Haha! Fundraiding!

    I really enjoy PBS programming (Foyle's War, Downton Abbey, Masterpiece Mysteries especially).
    Nunavuk aside, I'm pretty sure a healthy portion of their fundraising comes from Canada. Too bad we can't watch their shows online north of 49!

  2. Canadians are used to paying for public TV. Just wish the government let us decide who we want to support. If only the CBC had to come cap in hand to the taxpayers every few months, begging for funds on telethons, or allowed viewers to choose programs, as PBS does. I would nix Little Mosque on the Prairie and ask for perpetual reruns of The Friendly Giant and Wayne & Shuster.

    We receive PBS as part of our basic satellite package; I was not aware Canucks can't watch online. That's too bad!