Friday, November 9, 2012

There is a DOH on Twitter

But it is not Mrs. Beazly and I; it is yet another Catholic, conservative mom of many. That's good. There can't be too many of us about. Especially on Twitter; it's all hers, as far as I'm concerned. I don't particularly care for Twitter, mainly because I don't really have any idea what it is or why it exists.

I have occasionally felt that we ought to have a Twitter presence, but I have always refrained for these  reasons: for someone to "Follow" you, you actually need to be going somewhere.  Secondly, it would probably be too humiliating to have oh, zero followers. Thirdly, there is so much hatred and abuse and foul language on Twitter: do I really need that in my life? No, I do not.

In fact, I probably need to spend much, much less time on Facebook and blogging and being online as well--and much, much more time praying, spending time with my children, appreciating art, literature and music, exercising, doing housework, and baking pies.

 Mr. P's Birthday pies, October, 2011


  1. By all means, make more pies!! Have you seen the new Adjustable Pie Shield on page 15 of the latest Lee Valley Early Christmas Gift Catalog 2012?

  2. NO! I browsed that entire catalogue front to back; can't believe I missed that. Going to the Lee Valley website NOW.