Saturday, November 10, 2012

If you need to be reminded about what really matters

...and don't we all, from time to time? Then visit Mommy Life and view these tributes to the late Catholic mom-of-12 and blogger Barbara Curtis. They are both very touching. Be forewarned and have a box of kleenex handy.

This one is a video made by her children.

This one is a tribute written by her husband. Question for contemplation: if I died suddenly, what would my husband write or say about me? What would my children say? Getting offline and going to be with them now.

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  1. There's an old book by Landriot called The Valiant Woman in which I read that one's husband should not be the one who is lauded for "putting up with his wife." But the opposite should be the case....something to add to our "on the way to sainthood" list....

    appropriate to pray for your friend this month. Barbara