Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Carry on

Is what the Sultan recommends. "Game Called on Account of Darkness." And how profound that darkness is. There is no positive way to spin this: either there was massive fraud involved, or else the majority of a nation just voted to destroy itelf. Tragic.


  1. I don't think much fraud was even needed this time. Sadly, Romney was right with the much-maligned remark about the 47%,except that the number should have been a few points higher.

    This morning's reading from Lauds is appropriate. Repeat it over and over until it begins to seem kind of consoling.

    then read the opening chapters of Maccabees to start getting used to the new normal.

  2. I had the same thoughts this morning (during either the Office of Rdgs or Morning Prayer)--almost posted some excerpts. Maccabees, yes. Most of the west has arrived there. Despite the dejection there's been some good analysis (and inspiration) out there today: Matthew Warner for example. Almost posted bits from that one too.