Sunday, November 4, 2012

Ho, Goatherd, ho!

I recall with fondness the times we sang folk songs in elementary school. They don't do that any more in my home town (though music is alive and well in many schools, thanks to a few dedicated teachers). I would give much for a few copies of those song books we had as kids. I'm sure the school has long since trashed them (along with the Dickens novels). Gotta make room for the paperback vampire fic and so forth.

But no recriminations this Sunday. Other than a fervent prayer or two that God's will be done on Tuesday,  I'm not even going to mention U.S. politics.

Not today. Instead, time to catch up on a bit of calming loveliness from Nordic Thoughts. All things Nordic. Rapidly becoming one of my very very favourite blogs.

These pics make me want to reread Heidi.

And this one makes me want to read a Nordic fairy tale. Any Nordic fairy tale. 

And this one just makes me want to read to the girls. In front of the fireplace.

One of my favourite things about Nordic Thoughts:
 discovering artists about whom I had never before heard.

Oscar Grønmyra (1874-1911)

Simply lovely: Constantin Hansen (1804-80)

One of  NT blogger "Aputsiaq's" own photos. Beautiful.

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