Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Do the Drood

Lately I have had the pleasure of watching "The Mystery of Edwin Drood", and now I'm reading the novel. As any Dickens expert knows (and I learned last week) "Drood" was a mystery indeed, because the author died before the work was finished. A screenwriter was enlisted to finish the story for the BBC series, and even though I liked it well enough and didn't know exactly where Dickens left off and the screenwriter began, by the end it seemed plain that the lines being spoken hadn't come from the same mind that gave birth to Mr. Boffin and Dick Swiveller. Still, I recommend it - not to purchase, but it's a good loan if your library has it. Even if you don't like the ending, it's a treat to see Durdles and Mr. Sapsea in the flesh.

As Mrs. P. has remarked, it is a tragedy indeed when death writes the final chapter of a great work of art.

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