Saturday, November 3, 2012

I love him cuz he uses "rhubarb" as a pejorative term

And with good reason.

Moreover, when he uses the phrase "boy howdy" you know you're in for a jolly ride. My buddy Theo at the Daily Caller.  "The presidential race is over, cue the conspiracy theories"

while there are some smart people on the left, it requires almost no thinking to be a liberal. Simply absorb the political sentiments you hear in almost any Hollywood film, or on most any television program or newscast and, presto, you’re in. Repeat these nostrums at school or work and you will be rewarded. Augmented by the emotional satisfaction of the left’s perpetual righteous indignation, this dynamic becomes self-fulfilling and very cozy.
And of course, it begs the question: will 'rhubarb' soon be classified as a dog-whistle racist code word?

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