Friday, November 9, 2012

TGIFWTA: this will be my last post on the topic of politics

... at least for a while. Yesterday morning, I read this post over at Deborah Gyapong's "Foolishness to the World" blog. She writes:
Hello all, I am spiritually fortifying myself after the depressing re-election victory of the worst president in American history since Jimmy Carter.
I’m going to the gym and getting on with life after spending way too much emotional energy and time on the Internet riveted to the election.
I said to myself: "My feelings exactly!" I'm not really sure why I felt so compelled to stay abreast of the campaign, or spend so much time reading the (always depressing, sometimes delusional) commentaries and rantings of various writers and bloggers. Especially since I'm not American. 

All I know is that I need a break. As an Advent project (but starting immediately, as in, yesterday), I have decided to go on a starvation diet when it comes to reading about politics. I have already deleted all the political blogs and websites from my "Top Sites" page (even Mark Steyn! so you know I mean bidness), and have determined to read only stuff about faith, mothering, homemaking, and art: you know, the things that actually matter and will really save the world.  Also possibly education (but that gets political too, alas).

Here are the Avett Brothers. I love this recording, because, as one commenter pointed out, it sounds like it came from an old gramophone.

Saddest part: politicians no longer have to "leave town" when their "bad parts start to show"; now they get elected because of them. In other words, the weight of lies no longer brings you down--not in this world. 


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