Saturday, June 1, 2013

Shred Day 6

I did the workout alone this morning; my exercise buddy wasn't feeling up to it (I don't blame her; she has a high-level music competition later today). During the first circuit's strength segment, I was able to do MEN'S pushups (but to be honest, I didn't sink all the way down to the floor with those). Anything that challenges the major leg muscles is still tough, but getting progressively better. The workout seems to be getting shorter and shorter, which is a good sign. I think that when I move on to Level 2, it won't be because Level 1 is too easy, however; it will be because I am getting weary of Jillian's instructions and monolgues. (A further irony is that she teases her demo girls about being tired, and they actually do the entire workout without stopping, while Jillian just does one or two moves and then meanders around talking). Oh well. I am seeing results, and that is what counts. Plus, there is always the 'mute' button.

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