Sunday, November 29, 2009

Trying to imagine how Mark Steyn and the OHRC will meet next....

    Kookie Pieceman isn't a man. She isn't sweet. She isn't even brown. But she did not allow any of those facts to stop her from launching a complaint with the Ontario Human Rights Commission regarding Mark Steyn's latest musical offering, "Sweet Gingerbread Man".
     "I was shocked by Mr. Steyn's tone," Ms Pieceman stated during a weekend interview. "His fans are apparently eating this up, but any right thinking person would certainly pan it. What benefit can there be in allowing him to sing?"
    Ms Pieceman declined to repeat the harmful words contained in the controversial song, but maintains that in general, "it is likely to expose anthropomorphic baked goods to hatred and contempt."
    Mr. M. Man of Drury Lane, Ottawa, has spent his entire adult life in the baking industry, and concurs with Ms Pieceman's assessment. "This song exposes me to contempt, all right," he asserts. "That, in turn, breeds familiarity. Ever since songs of this genre became popular, everyone seems to think they know me."
    Mr. Steyn could not be reached for comment.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Roughrider fans heading to Calgary for the Grey Cup

This was sent to me by my "Proud to be a Farmer-boy" and Roughrider-fan brother. He lives in Calgary surrounded by wounded Stampeder fans who are apparently unable to get over last Sunday's loss to the Green Machine.

UK to crack down on homeschooling families

You couldn't make this up if you tried. Lifesite News reports:

The British government announced last week their acceptance of the Badman Review of home education and introduced the new Children, Schools and Families Bill that will require home educated children to be registered with the local authorities.


Taberner said, "To suggest parents can continue to home educate but then give powers to local authorities to enter our homes and interview our children without an adult being present is just extraordinary. This is nothing short of an attempt to regulate the private lives of people.

"It is a very bad day for civil liberties in this country."

Taberner's group, along with numerous individual homeschooling families, has charged Badman with an anti-family bias and have cited poor research methods and the scarcity of evidence of the need for the changes as the basis for their complaints. At least one MP has called the new measures the preliminary to a government clampdown on homeschoolers that will be an "infringement of civil liberties."

Homeschooling families were furious at the review's results and say the new bill will mean the effective end of the rights of the family in education. The bill will follow recommendations that homeschooling families be subjected to spot-checks by local authorities, and that authorities can interview homeschooled children without the presence of their parents.
Only a fascist government bureaucrat could have a name like "Badman". But I suppose he thinks the work he is doing is double plus good.  

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

If You're Wondering Why One of the Dumb Old Housewives is Really Dumb....'s due to the fact that I have no time to blog because I was finishing this:

"Some kind of utensil"

Children are so funny. The other day my 7-year old was trying to remember where a particular uncle lives (Fort McMurray, AB). "Is it Cut Knife or Yellowknife?" she asked. Both those places are north of us, but I thought, wow, that's a stretch--and neither of them is in Alberta.

I could not follow her logic. Brow furrowed, she said, "I know it's some kind of utensil."

That baffled me even more. Suddenly her face lit up. "I know! Fork McMurray!"

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Malice in Wonderland

You just can't make up stuff like this. Michelle Malkin reports on union thugs who threaten boy scouts because the lads were...volunteering.

I love this guy. a chaste, intellectual kind of way, of course.

Mark Shea: Why They Stopped Talking about "Global Warming"

because the globe isn't warming and hasn't been for ten years.

The problem is there's this whole politico-cultural-technological hooplah bandwagon that has been steaming on for ten years, ginning up hysteria, justifying sundry government schemes for acquiring power, and affording wealthy elitists more excuses for saying "just enough of me, way too much of you" to poor third worlders and other Undesirables. You can't just dismantle a gigantic machine like that while it is careening through the world. You may as well take a ballpeen hammer to Optimus Prime.

So instead, you make a tactical adjustment. You stop talking about "global warming" and start talking "climate change" instead. It eliminate the problem of having to deal with, you know, facts and stuff. Because the terrific thing about climate is: all it does is change. So everything proves climate change! Brilliant! The machine of hysteria and manipulation can roll on!

Extremely creepy, if true...

And not only because it makes me a potential target. This story from Reuters (via "Secondhand Smoke" blog at First Things).

"Gang accused of killing to sell human fat"

Is it true, or an urban myth? One commentor on the above blog says it has to be false, and she gives some compelling reasons, but this is not one of them: "poor people tend to be thin." I guess this lady hasn't visited a trailer park lately.

Friday, November 20, 2009

My Blogging Life Begins Today

a person, place, or thing. Can be the subject or object of a sentence. Ex: cat, horse, mother, Denmark

a word that replaces or stands for ("pro" = for) a noun. Ex: he, she, it

an action word. Ex: sit, laugh....

What? We're not starting this blog to combat the dearth of grammar-related television programs? Oh, okay then. I'll have to think this through a little more.