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And it's not even Halloween yet

Adults (who don't need them) wearing diapers? Incompetent fools dressing up like the President? The Steyn (and no, he's not one of the fools. How I wish he would run for prez...)

"At a million-dollar San Francisco fundraiser today, President Obama warned his recession-battered supporters that if he loses the 2012 election it could herald a new, painful era of self-reliance in America." 
Oh, no! The horror! 
"Self-reliance" is now a pejorative? Nice to have that clarified.
Is it too late for a Self-Reliance Awareness Day? No, there's no ribbons. Make your own damn ribbon. If that's too much to hope for, how about a Multi-Trillion-Dollar Debt Awareness Day? The ribbon starts out black but turns deeper and deeper red. How about a We've Spent All The Money Including The Money For An Awareness-Raising Ribbon Day? An Impending Societal Collapse Awareness Day? 
Yes, yes. I'm aware the cost of diapers adds up over a month, and you can't use your food stamps to pay for them. Tough. This country's broke. As I said last week, it has to pay back $15 trillion just to get back to having nothing at all. And that's more money than anyone ever has had to pay back. Were you aware of that? Distressingly large numbers of Americans still pining for ever more swaddling in the government cradle seem entirely unaware.

h/t Pundette 

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Just sayin

The Steyn, on that "driving lesson" gone wrong:

It's hard to see what Canada has to gain from admitting significant numbers of people from the culture that spawned the Shafias. Perhaps in time one could make functioning western citizens of them, but it would be a slow process and, even if we had the stomach for it, would be unlikely to justify itself in cost-benefit terms. So instead they come and settle into a culture that asks nothing of them. And slowly but remorselessly we adapt to them: Police departments learn to tiptoe round touchy subjects like "honour killing"; hospitals evolve from "FGM" (the pejorative "female genital mutilation") to "FGC" (the less judgmental "female genital cutting"); and a courthouse in Ontario discreetly reorders its day in order not to inconvenience the translators that "Canadian citizens" now require:On Fridays, the judge told the jurors, the lunch schedule will be shifted so the interpreters, all male, can get to mosque for prayers.The multicultural experiment is not worth it. By the time those who foisted it on the post-war west acknowledge that, it will be too late.

Feminism, Feminism, wherefore art thou, Feminism?

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Pro-abortion teachers' unions

And other incongruous delights. Mark Steyn points out some facts that Joe Biden sorta forgot to mention when he visited the fourth grade class in PA...

Since 1970, public school employment has increased 10 times faster than public school enrollment.

Five years ago (the most recent breakdown I have), the [York City] district had 440 teachers but 295 administrative and support staff. If you're thinking that sounds a little out of whack, that just shows what a dummy you are: For every three teachers we "put back in the classroom," we need to hire two bureaucrats to put back in the bureaucracy to fill in the paperwork to access the federal funds to put teachers back in the classroom. One day it will be three educrats for every two teachers, and the system will operate even more effectively.

As in so many other areas of American life, the problem is not the lack of money but the fact that so much of the money is utterly wasted.

Steyn on modern education

"the great advantage of mass moronization is that it leaves you too dumb to figure out who to be mad at."

via Pundette

Why oh why

When kids say their tummy hurts, but they are hungry (and stomach flu is going around), and you tell them that they should have a piece of toast and some clear juice, but NOT to have a baloney sandwich... they have a baloney sandwich. And some cheese.

Do you know how much fun it is to hand-pick tiny pieces of baloney and cheese from carpet with a fairly deep pile? Well, it's not. I think I want a Shop-Vac for Christmas.

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The exquisitely brainy

...and always entertaining Pundette:

I hope the kids were as tuned-out to Biden's unctuous pitch as they appeared, because the odds are slim that dear teacher (who has trained them well in the art of the drone, if the beginning of the video is any indication) will explain, after the sage giver-of-gifts has zoomed away in his thirty-car motorcade, why the York school district has no money, or why soaking -- er, asking -- the rich to throw more dollars at them will never, ever, ever make their schools better.

Our bureaucrat-heavy schools are collapsing under their own weight and the kids are the ones getting crushed.

Seeing these poor kids sitting passively in their government classroom learning to mindlessly swallow the wonders of entitlement and class envy is positively nauseating. 


So most of the kids are poor readers and can't do much math. This is how liberalism perpetuates itself.

Sorry for the silence

That's the nature of family life. Er, not silence, but the lack of blog posts. Health issues, the very least of which was a visitation to our home of stomach flu and head colds. We sally on. In the meantime, do something useful.

Mom enjoying a picnic with Dad & the kids, Summer 2011

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A funny, smart blog

Maybe because we seem to have so much in common. Some snippets and samples:

 Dog barf and light beige carpet is a marriage made to last forever.

As a housewife, I am probably supposed to be fairly adept at housekeeping.  You might be a little surprised to learn, however, that I actually stink at it.

Left to their own devices, though, teens have about the same impact on housekeeping as toddlers.  They are always and everywhere eating.  They have way too much stuff to keep track of; and they will take and lose your car keys.

Sound the trumpets!  Cue the ticker-tape parade!  It’s the 100th post here at the Uncommonhousewife Blog!  It took a little over a year to get here, which I’m feeling pretty good about.  Readership, on the other hand, could use some work.  

Yes, Uncommon housewife, we feel your pain.

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Boo hoo

The Gap clothing company is apparently doing poorly. Pardon me for not caring (except for the workers who will lose their jobs). Maybe now it won't be official company policy to be snotty and mocking towards believers at Christmastime. 

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Pat Archbold LOL

"There are certain phrases that conjure up images so frightful one shudders at the mere mention.  Swarm of killer bees.  School of piranha. National Meeting of Diocesan Liturgical Commissions. Brrrrrrr."

Is there an algebraic formula for this?

Number of redundant adverbs is directly proportional to school admin. political correctness and (joy-killing) cancellations of traditional holidays.

...her “intention is to be very, very sensitive to all of the many, many cultures” of Somerville.

h/t Steyn

Lax Europa

Steyn does a pre-mortem on Europe. 

"Once large numbers of people acquire the habits of a leisured class, there are not many easy ways back to reality." [...]   
A land of 30-year-old students and 50-year-old retirees has so thoroughly diverted the great stream of life that it barely comprehends what's at stake. "Europe" as a geopolitical rather than geographical concept has been for half a century the most conventional of conventional wisdom. Those, like Britain's Euroskeptics, who dissented from it were derided as "swivel-eyed" "loony tunes." The loons were right, and the smart set — the political class, the universities, the BBC, Le Monde — were wrong. "Europe" was a blueprint for sclerosis and decline, and then a sudden, devastating fall..

Wanted: political leaders who are not brain-dead

This is not rocket science, people!
"Fiscal sustainability requires that government debt cannot ultimately grow faster than the economy."

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Another view

...of  Wall Street and all that stuff. From the Distributist Review.
Our message is simple: job creation is a thing of the past. We can create jobs of our own through the bottom-up approach of the Distributist program. Yes, we should discuss economic policy in America, and when injustices are perpetuated against the middle class and the poor, it is absolutely right to protest, just as we should when the genocide of abortion is carried out with the support of the private and public sector. We march, we pray, and we counsel. But the debate shouldn’t be over which sector, public or private, can offer us the sweeter deal. We should “change the terms of the debate,” and ask ourselves if the discussion over who gets a job is relevant, and if perhaps the creation of an ownership society is the remedy for over 100 years of conflict between capital and labor. Distributism eliminates the friction between capitalist and laborer by making them one and the same person. I haven’t met a capitalist or socialist who can find anything wrong with that, and most of the people I interviewed praised a society of micro-property.

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It's recycling day at DOH!

OK, I figure if Mark Steyn can do this, so can we--posting old pieces, that is (there, the comparison ends). This column first appeared in the now (sadly) defunct news magazine Alberta Report (also known as B.C. Report, or Western Report, depending on which province you received it in) way back in 2002. Some things never change. Others change for the worse. I am struck by the innocent naïveté we had a decade ago, in such things as thinking that violence and anarchy at demonstrations were unusual; now they are de rigueur. The conclusion also suffers from the delusion that reason and dignity should (and can) prevail in debates. If you believe that, then I have a Wall Street Occupation to sell you. 

Original title: People are focussing on the nudity--who'd have thought?

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I like it when things are neatly classified

Father Erik has a very thorough system of classification (see below) for bad liturgical music. He's reviewed a good number of current hymnals in his ongoing "Index of Forbidden Songs" posts. First one here.

 C=Castrated, DO= Dubious Orthodoxy, DMWP=Don't Mess With Perfection, DS=Dan Schutte, DTD=Done To Death, EP=Ex-Priest, G=Germanophobic, H=Heretical, HH=Haugen&Haas, HL=Hella Lame, LC=Leftist Crap, NAU=Not About Us, SIGV=Singing In God's Voice(i. e. we are not God, SWTR= Stick With The Rite, TMV=Too Many Verses, WIG=Where is God?

h/t Coffee and Canticles

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Calling Mrs. Beeton

I'm posting this link because it's so utterly foreign to what Mrs. Beazly and I are used to, with our well-appointed, designer, looks-like-it-came-out-of-a- magazine home decorating styles.

Amy Hughes Reveals Secrets to Salvage 

"Lots of people have trouble wrapping their head around the notion of salvage, because again, they have the idea that it's junk."

Um....all I can say is, come to my house and I'll prove it to you inconclusively. You can even take some home with you if you like. And if you promise not to bring it back. 
shoe shelf: old kitchen cupboards turned backwards
baskets: dollar store
tool box stand: 70's stereo speaker (non-functioning)

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Some advice for the Wall Street protesters

From David Warren:

This is the unanswerable argument to the Left of all ages: Instead of trying to coerce someone else to do what you think is right and just (and every Left policy I have ever seen involved coercion of the non-Left), put your money where your mouth is. Go "liberate" cash by legitimate means (within the laws), then set an example in how you spend it.
Give, until it hurts, to the most needful. And you can volunteer your free time into the bargain, for in my experience, you cannot begin to know who is most needful, until you have rolled up your pant legs and waded into action.
Give the money instead to almost any "progressive" charity, and it will never get there. This is because, quite apart from corruption (which always exists when free money is floating about), the progressive idea of charity is agitprop. That is: give us your money, and we will lobby the government on behalf of the poor destitute victims whose plight is depicted so dramatically in our pamphlets.
 But now comes the disappointment. For I am recommending a course that gives none of the rewards craved by the cavorting young ego. There is none of the euphoria of street demonstrations, none of the easy applause (and easy sex) that comes from boldly posturing as one of the "good people," fighting against the "bad people."
The rewards for doing something, where it counts, are different in kind; and they do not come easily.
I look at all the faces of the young, made up as zombies, clutching that fake dollar-store money, and strutting down Wall Street. Most, obviously, college-educated: the final products of an educational system that imparts little knowledge but a lot of self-esteem. I look at the sheer smugness in those faces, of people who have never experienced real hardship. All demanding that someone else do something.

Do read it all.

The Brilliant Mr. W.

Sums up not just the hapless PCs who lost the recent election in Ontario, but our national ruling "conservative" class as well. (And, for that matter, not a few Republican hopefuls south of the border...)
And the term I wish to advance for this purpose, from the urban dictionary, is "self-servatives." That is, politicos who are only interested in taxes and debt, and the most superficial questions of law and order.
Who, to succeed, think their task is to convince a plurality of the electorate that they will contrive to leave more money in their pockets, and perhaps put more thieves and muggers in jail.
Who consciously avoid "emotional" issues. Who, if they have any private opinion on questions like abortion, or public pornography, or eugenic technology, or euthanasia, or same-sexism, or speech codes, or dangerous immigration, or the integrity of families, or religious faith and public prayer, are careful to keep it to themselves.
Who talk in carefully-rehearsed sound bites. Who tweet and Facebook 20 hours a day.
Who compete with gliberals in celebrating our fake diversity, and flattering as many special interests as they can. Who flaunt their own pathetic claims to multiculturehood.
Who defend today, what they opposed yesterday, when it was still possible to oppose easily; and who adapt themselves to changing circumstances in the manner of the Vicar of Bray.

The Cute One?

You've got to be kidding. It's about 30 years too late for that. Would you give up steak for this man? I wouldn't.

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But just in case anyone was wondering...

the answer is no, I'm not a Capitalist. As Shea points out, there is a third way.


I had to borrow this

from SDA, cuz it's so dang funny.

Abolish the OHRC

Human "Rights" Commissions once again prove themselves worse than useless.

HRC hypocrisy : Prime time : SunNews Video Gallery

Maybe instead of trolling internet rental sites in order to scold college girls who want to live with other college girls, HRC employees should take a crash course in what real human rights violations look like.

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Occupy Wall Street

One of the protesters, who doesn't actually know what he's protesting, speaks: 

“I came because I’m hopeful this will grow into something to combat a giant, vast disease affecting our society and socioeconomic system,’’ he said. “We don’t look serious! We look like a bunch of dirty kids hanging out!’’

Um... that's because you are a bunch of dirty kids hanging out. And you won't fight the "giant, vast disease affecting our society and socioeconomic system" because you are the giant, vast disease affecting America's society and socioeconomic system.

Andrea Pesyer, New York Post.

h/t Pundite and Pundette, which also has an excellent summary of Occupy Wall Street.

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To borrow a post title from Shea...

Reason to homeschool # 20,398,524,049,830,394,503:

The Sexteens and the Fake Goddess is a lurid tale of striptease. It's co-author is teacher Jacques Tremblay, who was one of the most important education officials in Ontario. [...] Ontario College of Teachers discipline chair Jacques Tremblay submitted his resignation Wednesday afternoon following a Toronto Star story detailing how he wrote a soft-porn book for teens that featured inappropriate sexual conduct between teachers, students and a senior administrator.

h/t Deborah Gyapong

And this is just too rich: here's the letter from Tremblay esplainin' why he wrote the smutty book:

Dear Mr. Donovan,
I understand that you’ve been trying to reach me and that you’ve expressed interest in my work outside the College, notably as an author. Over the years, I have co-authored 21 books on a variety of topics, including economics, organic wine and children’s books.
The book to which you are referring was written to start a dialogue between parents and their teenagers. It is meant to empower teenagers, to encourage them to be strong and resist or avoid peer pressure.
It has been endorsed by parents and educators.
The work is entirely separate from my work at the College and my aim to serve the public interest.
You can learn more about my role on Council from the College’s website.
Jacques Tremblay

Mrs. Beazly adds...
The work is entirely separate from my work at the College and my aim to serve the public interest.
 So if guys like this are in charge of discipline, it has absolutely nothing to do with guys like this getting a slap on the wrist?

Self harm

I think I read Obama speeches for the same reason that people cut themselves. It's painful (my head will explode if he uses the word "folks" ONE MORE TIME), but not as painful as reality--or what reality will become if this clown gets re-elected.

A cultural line in the sand

I'm going to have to start reading more of this lady's stuff. Brilliant. How I wish the west would listen.

h/t SDA

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Sing it with me, Ontario.

To the tune of "Waltzing Matilda":

Dalton McGuinty, Dalton McGuinty,
Who'll vote for Dalton McGuinty? Not me!

Catholic artists, start your engines!

It's what the world needs.

Patently Absurd

We could all be wearing silver metallic jumpsuits by now if it weren't for red tape.

Of course,  as Mr. Steyn points out, there's more to progress than reinventing the Wii.


All good things come to an end. Unfortunately for The Simpsons, "good thing coming to an end" occurred about fifteen years ago.

When I told Mr. B. about this story last night, he began to remark, "You know, there are probably writers on that show who....."

I wouldn't let him finish, because I knew that sentence was going to end with "...weren't born when the series began," or something similar that would remind me how old we are.

Anyway, here's one of my favorites from when The Simpsons was still clever and funny. And yes, that was a long time ago. Moe's hair was still dark!

Calling all cellphone users

Further to Mrs. P.'s post on abortion and breast cancer, here is a prime example of how suspected carcinogens are treated when pelvic issues are not at stake:

Health Canada suggests heavy users, children limit or stop use of cellphones

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

God bless Ian Hunter

Who dislikes church bureaucracy as much as I do, and for many of the same reasons. He cites some stats from an Ontario diocese:

Mass attendance: down
Numbers of priests: down
Sacramental Prep. numbers: down
Donations: trending down
Ecclesiastical bureacracy: UP! 

Mr. Hunter:  

In numbers the apparatchiks multiply while the worshippers dwindle.

What is to be done?  In the local paper London Free Press, Bishop Fabbro  called the Church to an agenda of “change”, and he mentioned specifically mastery of Twitter, Facebook and the new social media.  His letter to the parishes promised a seemingly endless round of consultations and “strategy planning” with “…Episcopal Vicars and Directors, Deanery Chairs, Diocesan leaders…” and others.

Forgive me if I don’t hold my breath; the Bishop is consulting precisely the kind of people who have reduced the Church to its present morass and I anticipate no eruptions of Solomonic wisdom from such quarters.  Whom should he consult?  Young families, particularly home schoolers; recent converts who come to Rome, despite the times, because they perceive her to be Peter’s rock. Consult with Opus Dei.  Will this happen?  Not on your life.

The basic truth is that the Roman Catholic Church is, or should be, at war with almost everything that passes for contemporary “culture”.  The Church has nothing to learn from current mores; it need not embrace modern technologies.  Modernity is an abomination, a daily disgrace to a Judeo-Christian heritage whose legatees we are, and the Church needs to challenge our culture at every turn.  This is a truth which, it seems to me, Pope Benedict XVl understands well, and his Canadian Bishops, for the most part, do not.

Do read the whole thing. I don't necessarily agree that the church should not embrace modern technologies (here I am blogging), but it's true that endless rounds of diocesan workshops, consultations, and more bureaucrats staffing and facilitating more programs etc. are NOT the answer. Bureaucracy doesn't bring forth conversion; it brings forth more bureaucrats.

Getting a headache. Must go put on an 8-track tape of Carey Landry to calm myself. 

Little pink lies

It's Breast Cancer Awareness month! Cuz like, you've probably never heard of breast cancer and need to be made more aware. But not aware of everything, like risk factors...

The pink awareness campaign is packaged, quite profitably, as an expression of genuine concern about women’s health. So surely it is reasonable to expect that such concern be matched by an accurate presentation of all the known risk factors, and by an insistence upon the very best corresponding prevention recommendations, right? After all, early detection measures such as screening are not nearly the same thing as solid prevention.
Indefensibly, however, most awareness efforts fail to feature some factors known to reduce breast cancer risk: having children, avoiding induced abortions, and refraining from oral contraceptives (OC). True, there is no guaranteed way for anyone to dodge or develop breast cancer, but that does not mean there are not risk factors. Women today are delaying childbirth as never before, and having fewer children. Younger women are using OC for longer periods of time. And well over a fifth of all pregnancies in America end in abortion – hardly the rarity its “safe, legal and rare” advocates say it should be. If you suspect that these reproductive risk factors might have something to do with the 40 percent increase in the incidence of breast cancer over the last 30 years you have spotted the elephant in the room.

Most pink campaigns avoid any hint of these factors like the plague; the Susan G. Komen Foundation, a prominent advocacy and fundraising group, vehemently and unequivocally denies the link between abortion and breast cancer, citing Beral’s shady “study”. Komen is evidently content to ignore mounting epidemiological evidence along with current knowledge of breast physiology which makes such a link all the more creditable.
Curiously, Komen also funnels millions of dollars to Planned Parenthood – already a recipient of considerable governmental largesse. By doling out tons of contraceptives and providing for more abortion than any other outfit in the country, Planned Parenthood virtually ensures that the breast cancer epidemic will persist, not shrink.
You don’t have to be a cynic to find this cozy relationship a bit fishy.

Matthew Hanley at MercatorNet. Well worth reading.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Break the government monopoly on education NOW

This is truly beyond satire. Parents arrested and jailed for sending their kids to better schools.
h/t Steyn

Suddenly, Unnamed Town doesn't seem quite so ridiculous...

Last summer my hubby and I had to attend several meetings to organize our small town's centennial celebration. We were perusing the minutes from the previous meeting (which we'd missed), when I spotted one item of note and pointed it out to Mr. Pinkerton. The item simply read: "The painting of the town rock was discussed." Which is a Corner Gas type of a statement if there ever was one. It prompted much hilarity from Mrs. Beazly in a later phone conversation, after which she said, "You'd better start writing that book." 

It turns out that small towns aren't the only places that get obsessed with painted rocks. I can just see the Washington Post headline: "The Painting of the Perry Rock was Discussed". Pundit and Pundette.

By request

A reader (OK, my niece!) wanted an online version of a column that appeared in Catholic Insight in 2008. There was a version at the, but the doofus who transcribed it filled it with typos. (Yes, Virginia, there IS a difference between "rive" and "strive".)

A real Catholic family  (first appeared in the July, 2008 issue of Catholic Insight)

Although we are a minority, many Catholic couples strive to live in obedience to Humanae vitae. Some of us have a dozen children; some have none. When you have a big family, it’s nice to find safe haven in the sub-culture of the traditional Catholic world (places like homeschooling events, chastity rallies, pro-life conferences, etc.). Families who are somewhere in the middle (say, three or four children), sometimes feel at home nowhere. In secular society, they feel obliged to apologize for having so many children. In some Catholic circles, they feel they must apologize for having so few.

I must have searched one too many home renovation books... is now selling power tools.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sacred pink cows

Glad to hear I'm not the only one sick to death of the Breast Cancer Industry and all the profit-mongering and pseudo-compassion (and I really like the colour pink, at least I used to). But now I avoid buying these products just on principle. 
Before she was diagnosed, Angel bought a pair of running shoes with a small pink logo and thought it was great. Now, she thinks pink is “really gross.” 
“Esthetically, I don’t find that colour appealing. I find it candy-ish, a fake colour. I associate it with all the negative stereotypes about women — delicacy, airheadedness, superficiality. It’s not a colour I associate with strength.”  
Rosanne Cohen, executive director of Breast Cancer Action Montreal, calls breast cancer fundraising a “sacred cow.”
I'll just add one more note, which this Ottawa Citizen article (naturally) wouldn't broach. I will believe the industry really wants to "find a cure" when it stops lying to women about the connection between breast cancer and abortion and the birth control pill. All the rest is just ludicrous window-dressing. And that even includes "Pink Night" at our local Catholic church. Dress  up in pink, eat pink food and bid on pink prizes, YES; speak up against contraception (or attend a prolife meeting), not so much.

And while we're on the topic of "without my permission"

No one asked me if I wanted to be in this book, either. I would probably have said yes, editorial staff, but gosh, it would have been nice to be asked.

[time lapse, followed by edit]

OK, I'm calmer now. I've "looked inside" the book, courtesy of Amazon's "look inside this book" feature, and the editorial board claims they tried to contact the authors. They couldn't have tried very hard. All you have to do is google my name and you'll find me through Facebook, Catholic Insight or (most recently) MercatorNet. In the introduction, the editors invite the authors to contact the board, so I will.

Ontario votes this Thursday.

If only this column could be posted at every polling station.

McGuinty's insidious legacy

Better late than never

In my ongoing protest against this, where is selling downloads of my articles without my permission, and I don't receive a cent of the proceeds, I'm posting my stuff free online. My September column from Catholic Insight

Kill me quick, Lord

Our family tries to have devotions each morning before my husband Dan leaves for work. We pray for particular intentions and share the daily Mass readings, which Dan reads to us. I say “tries” because sometimes, some of us (even occasionally the mom) don’t make it out of bed on time. This is particularly difficult during the summer holidays, when the kids tend to stay up later at night, and thus sleep in a bit more often in the mornings. But we do our best, and resuming the fall school schedule will no doubt help a bit.

Early last month (when I wrote this column), the first reading was from Numbers (11-15). It described one of several instances where the Chosen People were also the Irritating People, whining and carping to Moses. He finally loses patience, and in turn complains to God: "Why hast thou dealt ill with thy servant? And why have I not found favour in thy sight, that thou dost lay the burden of all this people upon me?”

Oh, how a mother can relate.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Coffin Nails

"I have done crazy things. Like...and if anyone repeats this I'll deny it (until) the cows come home...I have gone to a shelter in the riding of St. Paul's with a carton of smokes and said, 'I'll give you them after you vote.' I have done that...but they were already smokers...," Holland is heard saying on the audio recording.
And what do you know! She's denying it!
"During a presentation to a partisan audience I got carried away playing to the crowd. I repeated stories I have heard about the NDP election day tactics, and Brian Mulroney's leadership tactics, and pretended they were my own," she wrote. "I have never done those things, and never would. It was a joke, it was a stupid mistake in the moment. I regret saying it and apologize -- especially because it is not true." 
Liberals: always true to their promise to keep on lying.

If you ever wanted to give something back to the Avett Brothers after all the beauty they've brought into the world

now is your chance.
A message from Bob Crawford:

"When people ask us what they can do to help, we ask them to pray for Hallie's recovery. We feel that God has already worked miracles through Hallie and we pray they keep coming."