Thursday, July 30, 2015

I now pretty much officially have plans for September 17

Mrs Beazly, we've gotta book tickets, STAT. 

Alternately, we could try Windsor on the 15th. Saskatoon's own Sheepdogs are opening for them!
(Miss P #3, do you fancy a trip East? Yeah, it would be worth skipping school for a few days...)

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Well at least I'm 2 for 5

I'm gonna let you guess which two.

"She is hospitable, service-oriented, and caring to those around her. At times her anxiety and doubt are hindrances, yet by her faith she witnesses to the glory and peace of our God." 
(from Divine

St. Martha, pray for me, and all "Hw".

Yeah, blogging has been light, because the schedule has been heavy. Some things were planned, some not, but the net result is shell-shock that the weeks have been going too quickly. (After nearly 30 years of marriage/motherhood, I'm still under the delusion that just because I'm not "doing school" in July/August, that means endless hours of quiet, stillness, relaxation and leisure, when I'll catch up on all my backlogged projects. I think I'm confusing summer vacation with heaven.)

I will catch up, or die trying (that covers all the bases). I hope you're having a great summer. I am, and one of these weeks, I'll get round to telling you about it. 

Part of the yacht club (yes, really!!) at Lake Diefenbaker, SK