Monday, November 15, 2010

My latest post

At MercatorNet's "Family Edge" blog: "Does the school board need to know Johnny's sexual orientation?"

Many thanks to Mrs. Beazly for originally posting the story here. (Expect something tasty and sweet in the mail at Christmastime in recompense...unless you'd rather have cash.)

By the way, it's only 6 weeks till Christmas, and yes, I am officially starting to panic...


  1. Anyone who can put together a tray of baking like this has no reason to panic.

    "Cash" isn't short for "cashews", is it?

  2. Promise to bake a tray of those goodies for us next Christmas?

  3. Yes, minions! Mwah ha ha! I don't make this stuff because I love my guests; I make it so that all will bow down to me as the Baker-Woman Goddess of COOKIES AND CANDEEEEEEEEE!

    No, cash is not short for cashews.

    Mrs. Blurn, it won't mail well to THAT distance. I promise to bake this and more if you promise to come to our house for Christmas 2011.

  4. Did anyone notice there is no fudge on that tray?

  5. I was too busy being jealous of your housewifely prowess to know what was on the tray. I suppose you have a fresh ribbon in your hair and a martini ready for Mr. P. every evening when he gets home, too.

    Mrs. Blurn, are you coming here next Christmas?