Monday, November 18, 2019

A time for contemplating eternity

D.L. Sayers, as she probably looks today.
It's November, so it's time to pray for the dead and contemplate the coming of Christ, not just by remembering/celebrating Christmas, but also by looking forward to his Second Advent. 

Sorry for recycling old goods, but perhaps few have read this column. I published it in The Record, the newspaper of the archdiocese of Perth, Australia, once upon a time. (I would link the page, but alas, they seem to have removed all but six of my columns from their archive.)

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Yes, it's too early for Christmas music!

But heaven help me. I'm too sad. There's too much garbage going on in the world. But I will not discuss it.

Most of us love Christmas music, and this is really superb. I loooooooooove ancient music. I will admit that Medieval and Renaissance music in general is an acquired taste, but Baroque... well, this is just sublime. It will get you in the Christmas spirit. I'm not advocating that you skip Advent, but if you (like me) need some peace in your soul, seriously, give this ensemble a listen. Beautiful hymns and carols, and a very talented group of singers and musicians.

We will reclaim the culture through beauty. That is all.

PS this video is not narrated in English. Yet at the very end I heard the name "John Rutter," and John Rutter is NOT a Baroque composer (but his music is also sublime! We will leave that for another day.) Enjoy, and God bless your day! (Just 6-odd weeks till Christmas!!!)

Thursday, November 7, 2019

Of kingdoms and coal scuttles.

Queen Anne: so cute, but way too fussy.
Yet how I would love to sit and write in a sunny turret!

I don't know where (or quite when) my husband and I will retire (really, I mean my husband, since I've been a stay-home mom all my life: do you ever retire from that? I guess you morph into Travelling Grandma, and that's wonderful too). Sometimes I dream about building a house where we will spend our golden years. And by "build" I mean "have built:" I'm not a builder and my hubby is tired of doing renovations, which have been occurring regularly for the 20+ years we've lived in our current house.

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Easiest Keto snack of all time

 Cheese "chips"

Well, OK, maybe not as easy as opening a bag of nuts. And only suitable for people who can eat dairy. This can help satisfy the craving for potato chips or other salty carbs snacks. 

1) Grate cheese
2) Fill a baking sheet (I use an Epicure silicone pan liner: Worth. Every. Penny.) Note: some recipes say to make little piles of shredded cheese, but I find this too time-consuming. 
3) OPTIONAL: Sprinkle seeds, herbs, spices, or ground flax over top
4) Bake till cheese is brown and crispy (350 F is hot enough, but you can go as high as 400 F; just watch to make sure cheese doesn't burn)
5) Cool and cut apart. 

PS You can freeze these, but they will lose their crispiness. However, chewy is fine too. 

Removed from pan.

Cheese was cut in strips before baking.
Ready for freezing
The larger size makes them great for dipping and scooping (guacamole)
Left: a chip made from a tiny pile of shredded cheese;
Right: a chip cut from a strip of cheese.