Thursday, September 15, 2011

Another new feature: MILTH... or MILK?

Got this idea yesterday from this PWPL post (which in turn links to another article on One More Soul).

For some time I've been reading (in various publications and sites) about how old mature and experienced moms ought to "give back" and do some comforting and mentoring to the younger moms going through stressful times. Experienced, yes (23 years, 7 kids); mature, not so much. One would think mentoring would come naturally, and I suppose at one point in history, it did. But I'm a Baby Boomer, and generally not given to thinking of anyone but myself.

So to atone for this and to take one more step toward becoming "an active, useful sort of person" (Pride and Prejudice, Ch. XIX), I thought I might start a mommy blog. But then I thought, "Hey, I already have two blogs, and I don't even use one of them," so that idea seemed a bit redundant. Instead, I thought it made more sense to begin a new feature on this blog and call it MILTH (Mothers I'd Like To Hug)--or perhaps even more appropriately (on multiple levels), MILK: Mothers I'd Like to Komfort, with the added feature of consoling moms who--like me-- are homeschooling and often feel they're not doing a very good job of it. (Hey! Why not let DOH's legions of readers decide! Vote now in the Comments Section on which name you'd like to see.)

[crickets chirping...]

Once when I spoke at a conference, I was (grossly undeservedly) described as "Erma Bombeck for the 21st Century" but since virtually no one under 50 knows who Erma Bombeck is, maybe I'll just aspire to "The Canadian Pre-Menopausal Simcha Fisher" (even though that's undeserved too. I am not worthy to peel the linty lollipop from underneath her wool socks).

So here's the first installment, which is not really mine (I don't have time, because I'm LATE FOR SCHOOL), but boy, is it ever worth reading. Fr. Dwight Longenecker, on how a devotion to the Sorrowful Mother* can help suffering moms. Beautiful.

h/t Shea

* In the Roman Catholic liturgical calendar, Sept. 15 is the Memorial of "Our Lady of Sorrows", one of the many titles by which we honour Mary.

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