Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Just sayin

"Non-partisan" study: homeschooling gives students an academic edge.  LSN

Participants were between 5 and 10 years old and each child was asked to complete standardized tests, under supervision of the research team, to assess their reading, writing, arithmetic skills, etc.
“Although public school children we assessed were performing at or above expected levels for their ages, children who received structured homeschooling had superior test results compared to their peers: From a half-grade advantage in math to 2.2 grade levels in reading,” says Martin-Chang.

Thankfully, the study differentiated between homeschoolers and unschoolers (who, surprise, surprise! scored quite a bit lower than the public school kids. Sheesh, why do people do that to their kids?)

And while we're on the subject, score one for Mom! My first-year university daughter THANKED ME yesterday for teaching her grammar. She's already got a leg up on some fellow freshmen in her English class. I asked what (literature) they are now studying. She laughed. "The prof is teaching the class how to write a paragraph."

God help us. Kids should learn that by grade 4. 

In her German class, some of her classmates don't know how to find the nouns and verbs in a sentence. Not because they don't understand German, but because they don't know what nouns and verbs are. 

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