Friday, September 30, 2011

Morlocks announce world tour

First stop, La Loche, Saskatchewan.

After America , Volume II.


  1. But weren't the Morlocks highly intelligent? Been a while since I read that book, so maybe I'm wrong.

  2. It's a reference to Mark Steyn's Morlock analogies in "After America".

    Say, I wonder if he'd consider "The Morlock Analogies" for his next title?

  3. I see the Kindle edition of After America is only 9.95, so I think I'm going to get it.

  4. $9.95 is a steal! (Of course, you've got to find some way to get Steyn to sign your Kindle.)

    I've not read Wells (my bad!) but his Morlocks had to have had some intelligence to keep up the symbiotic relationship with the Eloi. As for modern-day (Steynian, ie. feral underclass) Morlocks, they're even SMARTER. Consider: no matter what 'system' they live under, they know how to work it. They are usually up on their legal and constitutional rights, and they're expert card players: they know just when to play the race card, the victim card, the someone-hurt-my-puddy-tat-feewings-human-rights card, and so on. They have the Eloi (government, media, academe) in their hip pockets. They seem to be able (by and large) to riot, burn and pillage with impunity. And here's the killer: they survive entirely on the fruits of the labour of others, ie. us, the chump middle class who can't seem to get either the Eloi or the Morlocks out of our pocketbooks. As far as I know, "The Time Machine" had no middle class. Go figure.

  5. I already have the hardcover, but I may also invest in the audio book. Mark himself is reading it, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the flipside will be "Sweet Gingerbread Man".