Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Proof positive that I'm getting old

Or I just don't get out enough. Not only did I watch this entire video segment from the Congressional hearings on the U.S. economy (specifically examining stimulus thus far, and the new jobs bill in particular), but I was enthralled, and when it ended, wished it could go on longer. I blame Steyn. This was serious stuff and Peter Schiff was very well-spoken. I can't believe one congressman (had to be Democrat) pulled the "children are our future" card--in defense of further spending. (These people just. Don't. Get. It.) Future? What future, when we're spending them into the grave with debt. I loved Peter Schiff's response: "We're already spending too much on education." That must have had Democrats crossing themselves and pulling out the garlic talismans.

h/t ">Hillbuzz

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