Friday, September 16, 2011


The votes have been cast! Actually, not, but I've used my psychic mind powers to try to deduce what our readers would wish us to call the new mommy blog feature, if they had an opinion on the matter, or, for that matter, if there were readers... and the verdict is... MILK. (Mothers I'd Like to Komfort.) There is just so much more, metaphorically and literally, that you can do with MILK than with MILTH, which isn't a word, and moreover, rhymes with filth. (We get enough hits from kinky porn-seekers as it is.)

So Motherhood, bring us your poor, your tired, your barfed-on, and we will try to offer some words of Komfort and Konsolation--indeed, the Milk of human kindness. Or maybe just a smile.

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