Sunday, September 25, 2011

In honour of our Fourth Follower

I think Daria (as a homeschool mom) will appreciate this one. Flannery, of course. But I'm not sure which non-fiction work this came from. Must find out. 

"The high-school English teacher will be fulfilling his responsibility if he furnishes the student a guided opportunity, through the best writing of the past, to come, in time, to an understanding of the best writing of the present. He will teach literature, not social studies or little lessons in democracy or the customs of many lands. And if the student finds that this is not to his taste? Well, that is regrettable. Most regrettable. His taste should not be consulted; it is being formed."Flannery O'Connor
I chuckled when I read this on Daria's blog, in a post where she lamented her lack of followers (--hey, we can relate!): "And I promise I'll never call you as "minions".


  1. Love it! Will read this to my high school senior when she gets back from the mall. I'm sure her eyes will light up with understanding, and from now on will read every book that I recommend. But to set the record straight, Mrs. P. I don't actually homeschool anymore. It came to an end 3 years ago when I had to go back to work for a while. Now happily unemployed, I'm still letting the girl finish at the local Catholic high. But both she and I (and the older kids) still describe themselves as "homeschoolers" because that is our tribe. Homeschooling leaves an indelible mark, like some of the sacraments.

  2. Well, technically, we (parents) are ALL "homeschooling"... faith, life skills, manners, good taste... (at least we try). Math and Language Arts are just extras! :)