Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Why Obama is painful to watch

By Ron Ross, American Spectator. Just two of many reasons:

Recently in the debt limit negotiations Mr. Obama warned the Republicans, "don't call my bluff." That's just weird. Anyone with half a brain knows that a basic requirement of a bluff is that you don't let it be known that you're bluffing. Admitting that you're bluffing cancels its effect. If you admit that you're bluffing, you are sure to be called on it. 
Mr. Obama is often cloyingly folksy. One obvious example is his insincere and frequent use of the word "folks." A similar lame attempt at sounding like a down-home good-old-boy is the dropping of the g in words like going, doing, etc. It just makes him sound phony. Mr. Obama is attempting to act a part, but he's not a very good actor. Watching bad acting is no fun.
As Mr. Ross concludes, let's hope we don't have to watch it for another 4 years.

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