Thursday, September 22, 2011

River City Ladies Auxiliary for the Dance does "Swan Lake"

Go ahead and pause it at 0:46. Doesn't that look like One Grecian Urn to you?

This is a magnificent display of acrobatics, but I am with the Anchoress and Deborah Gyapong on this one. Not my kind of ballet, unless you want to laugh out loud at "Swan Lake".

Mrs. P weighs in: Please, oh please can we add a new category: "Just Stupid"?


  1. Yes, I'm sorry, People's Acrobatic Ballet Comrades of the People's Republic, but that is not dance. Not dance. Try the circus. Oh, and the people clapping every 4.3 seconds for every cool trick kind of ruined the mood. Tchaikovsky meets America's Got Talent...du Soleil.

  2. Yes, incredible acrobatics, but I'd be asking for my money back if I went to Swan Lake expecting it to see The ballet. I agree with Mrs. Pinkerton, through the whole thing I was thinking "is this China's got Talent or Cirque de Soleil?"

  3. It's like we share a brain or something, Mrs. Jones!