Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Now that Corner Gas is no longer in production

I'll have to include these in my forthcoming novel about how bizarre life can be in small-town Saskatchewan. From my local paper:

An assault occurred in the (unnamed town) area after a dispute between grain bin builders. The victim was allegedly written on with magic marker and then struck in the face. A suspect has been identified by RCMP and charges are pending.

Just "allegedly" written on? I mean, couldn't they see the ink marks? Or how about this one:

A theft of mail was reported in (unnamed town), however there was no evidence of any criminal activity or that anything was stolen.

"But constable, I just know they took my Walmart flyer!"



  1. That reminds me of an alleged deodorant/anti-perspirent incident I'm constantly accused of.

  2. But were you building grain bins at the time, that's what I want to know.

  3. Sounds like you would fit right in in Unnamed Town, Ted Blurn. Maybe you should buy some land there.

  4. Here's the painful part: Unnamed Town is TWO towns in my immediate area, and neither of them the one in which I reside. Writing Chapter One as we speak...