Thursday, February 4, 2010

My bad.

I have always maintained that the Climate Change Church of Settled Science is a religion. But actually, it's a cult.

A lot of environmentalists think they need to convince people that the way they live their lives is wrong," she adds. "They want us to stop sinning so they try to scare us into conversion with predictions of high-carbon hell. But it's not an effective message.
"We need to start selling people a vision of low-carbon heaven," Ms Townsend argues.
For Palmer, who is a United Nations adviser on climate change and religion, the green movement's appropriation of religious language and imagery has backfired.

"Environmentalists have stolen fear, guilt and sin from religion, but they have left behind celebration, hope and redemption," he says.

That's because there IS no redemption, Mr. Palmer, much less celebration and hope. What's to celebrate about the notion of a bunch of enviro-nazis (or commies) micro-managing every moment of your indoor-plumbing-is-evil, electricity-free, vegetarian existence?

And am I the only one freaked out that the UN has an "adviser on climate change and religion"? That is just weird. I also think it very odd that they chose to use a picture of a crucifix (Christ) to illustrate this article. Shouldn't they have had some more appropriate symbol, like Mother Nature spiked to an oil well?

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