Monday, April 18, 2011

Ah, sweet innocence

Mr. Witko would appreciate this one. The Misses Pinkerton were looking out the front window where the bird feeder used to hang--there are lots of sunflower seed shells on the ground, as well as a few intact seeds. A little mouse had discovered them and was feeding. The girls were all remarking on its presence, some saying how cute he was (mice are a lot cuter outside than in). The youngest Miss Pinkerton (6) suddenly pipes up: "Kill him!"


  1. Mrs. P., have you ever thought of writing a feminine version of "Lord of the Flies"?

  2. I'm living it. (ha ha, not really. In that book, there were no lovely young ladies playing Debussy and Chopin all day long.)

  3. Oh, Mrs. P., this made me laugh until I cried. Please give the smallest Miss P. a little extra Easter chocolate.

  4. Our back yard chickens are attracting rats. I startled one when taking out the trash and rather than running away, it appeared to extend a middle digit and saunter off.

    I guess that's the Big City version of watching a cute little mouse nibble on grain outside one's window.

  5. Mr Blurn forgot to mention that our son (the one who would fit right in "Lord of the Flies") then asked for a gun for his upcoming 6th birthday, so he could shoot the rat.
    (I think he's seen Ratatouille too many times).

  6. Kolya, will do. Maybe even Lindor.

    Blurns! You overpopulating redneck Aussies clinging to your guns and your bibles...

    Backyard chickens? Since when?