Monday, April 18, 2011

Parents not allowed to send home-packed lunches to school

Cuz schools don't trust parents to know how to feed their kids. Chicago (Barack Obama's stomping ground). Is anyone surprised? My latest post at Mercator Net.

It’s not just ironic, but an inversion of values for schools to confiscate candy bars because they are so “unhealthy,” but they’ll hand out condoms and sexual advice, even to young children. Schools refer children to the nurse for contraceptives, STD treatment, or even abortion counselling without parental knowledge or consent. (Perhaps children could keep their candy bars if they brought a note from home stating that the bars were not meant for eating, but for practicing how to put on a condom.)

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  1. The school is probably lacing the food with some sterilizing substance and that is why they are so insistent that all children eat their awful tasting food.