Tuesday, April 26, 2011

It can't be put any plainer.

Mark Steyn on the latest joke ruling from a "human rights" commission.
Actually, "dude", it is "government action". At my "trial", the troika of judges sat in front of the Royal Coat of Arms - that's the government, the state. And in my case the statutory penalty would have been a de facto publication ban with the force of a Supreme Court decision preventing me from writing on Islam, Europe, demography, immigration and multiple other issues for the rest of my life. Maybe not a problem for you. Maybe a guy who thinks "edginess" and "dangerous" "envelope-pushing" can be confined to using words like "dude" can live within such a system. On the other hand, that's what Guy Earle thought, too. 
It ought to be required reading for the confused fellow quoted in this article, as well as anyone else who's furrowing his brow in a vain attempt to understand the situation:

The response online was fast. Sun TV and Levant himself became trending topics on Twitter, with some questioning why Levant chose to air the controversial cartoons.
"It's hard to understand why it's important," said Chris Waddell, director of the school of journalism at Carleton University.
Waddell said there was no reason to air the cartoons on television except to appeal to sensationalism.
"What can you say? It's like recycling a very old story," Waddell said.

What can you say, indeed?


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  1. "It's like recycling a very old story,"

    I guess that means the mainstream media should stop reporting persecution of Christians in the middle east, and Islamist beheadings of infidels and such... oh wait, never mind.