Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Government to regulate electronic cigarettes as tobacco

The electronic cigarette is 14,000 times less harmful than a regular cigarette and does not alter mind or body functions, said Ray Story, chief executive of TVECA.
I don't get this. Sure, I know that fake cigarettes deliver nicotine and four other "ingredients". But what's to regulate if they are 14,000 times less harmful than a real smoke? (What am I saying? The U.S. government even regulates Kindersurprise eggs!)

Perhaps the FDA (and the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids) are afraid that people "smoking" plastic cigarettes may indoctrinate children with Second Hand Enjoyment of Simulated Inhaling? If people start pretending to smoke with pencils or candy cigarettes, will the government regulate them too?  Let's face it: what self-respecting rebellious kid is going to be seen smoking a fake cigarette? (And by the way, kids aleady come Tobacco-Free; it's usually their parents that determine otherwise.) If you want to stamp out smoking, you'll have to alter fallen human nature. Good luck with that.

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