Thursday, April 21, 2011

Dear Mr. Harper:

For the love of all that's sane and holy (or even just Canadian, which is sometimes neither): get our pilots the hell out of Libya! David Warren.
My point then was to make the reader aware that, while few wars meet all the requirements, this, if it is a war, meets none of them -- not even one. [....] 

[T]he more one considers the bellum iustum, the better one sees that the Libyan intervention is morally and intellectually incoherent. That is, completely senseless. Nuts. [...]

President Obama is arguably doing no more than Bill Clinton did over Serbia in 1999. Twelve years ago, I went splenetic in print against what Clinton was doing then. But Obama has taken the United States one step further: He has put American forces under foreign command, at least nominally. He has tipped Uncle Sam's hat to a "new world order" in which wars are begun by bureaucratic and diplomatic consensus, and the United Nations (with its plurality of rogue state members) is recognized as the supreme arbiter of right and wrong, in which national sovereignty is itself conceded as an unfortunate legacy of Western Civ, for which apologies and restitution may be required.

America is now pretending not to be a superpower, not to be the leader of the Western alliance, not to have national and international interests that trump those of other nations. "American exceptionalism" has been purposefully surrendered, as part of what I diagnose as a narcissistic pose. You are a team player now, in a kind of Special Olympics for the morally and intellectually impaired.

h/t Mark Shea

Added: SDA  links to a story about those lovable rebels we seem to be supporting.

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